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Spiralguard® is a suitable protection gadget for most of the types of hoses applied in hydraulic, pneumatic and other industrial hose assemblies. This material has good recovery memory to expand while covering the hose. It provides good anti-crushing property and shows high resistance to abrasion and UV rays. It is flexible in structure and it is easy to fit and supports for risk of industrial injury as well. It can operate at minimum -65°C and maximum +100°C temperature. It can continue working at +90°C. It is adaptable in arduous conditions. We supply this material in conveniently coiled and packed cartons which supports for easy storage also.

Applications and Benefits of Spiralguard®

  • Suits best for protecting variety of industrial hoses.
  • Contains high abrasion and UV resistance properties.
  • It is flexible for fixing and removing.
  • Provides good protection and prevents from injury risks in industries.
  • We supply standard product in 20 meter coils.

Easy Formula to Find the Desired Quantity

Outside diameter of hose x length (m) of hose to be covered
Nominal diameter Spiralguard® (mm)


25m length of 40mm diameter hose, select the Spiralguard® product based on wrapping range SGX-40
40 ÷ 33 = 1.21
1.21 x 25 (mm) = 30 metres of Spiralguard® SGX-40

Sample Part
Colour Nominal Diameter (inside diameter) (mm) Wrapping Range Hose Inside Diameter 1-Wire 2-Wire Multi Spiral Dash Size
Unit of
(Ex. GST)
Quantity Total
SGX-90 Black 80 - - No No No -
SGX-75 Black 65 65-90mm 2" Yes Yes Yes -32
SGX-50 Black 44 44-65mm 1 1⁄4" Yes Yes Yes -20
SGX-40 Black 33 33-44mm 1" Yes Yes Yes -16
SGX-32 Black 27 27-33mm 5⁄8" Yes Yes Yes -10
SGX-25 Black 21 22-28mm 1⁄2" Yes Yes Yes -8
SGX-20 Black 16 16-22mm 1⁄4" No Yes No -4
SGX-16 Black 13 13-17mm 1⁄4" Yes No No -4
SGX-12 Black 9 9-13mm 3⁄16" Yes No No -3
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