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Textile Sleeves

Textile Sleeves

Textile sleeves are made from black nylon which also provided high abrasion and burst resistant capacities to this material. It is an US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved gadget. This component stays effective to be applied during extreme temperatures between -40+B332C to +171ºC. We supply this component in standard 50meters roll length.

Applications and Benefits of Textile Sleeves

  • Supplied in Black Nylon which provided high abrasion and burst resistant capacities.
  • It is resistant to temperature between -40+B332C to +171ºC.
  • Supplied in standard 50 meters length rolls.
Sample Part
Inside Round Diameter (mm) External Flattened Width (mm)
Unit of
(Ex. GST)
Quantity Total
TSL-073 72.9 118.2
TSL-060 59.9 97
TSL-055 55.1 88.9
TSL-047 47 77
TSL-044 43.9 71.9
TSL-040 39.9 66
TSL-036 36.1 56.9
TSL-031 31 52.1
TSL-027 26.9 45
TSL-025 24.9 41.9
TSL-023 23.1 39.1
TSL-020 20.1 34
TSL-017 17 29.9
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